10 Best Mobile Applications for Real Estate Business


There are lots of mobile applications which are available and can be easily access through mobile store for the real estate business to take advantage; this mobile application will provide the best feasible options for both buyers and seller to have a review of potential property available across the globe. Those people who would like to travel and move for some business purpose used to browse online and find out reviews on different website for finding suitable property for their living abroad, but now it has change the way they used to business, with mobile application having all the information through I phone and android phone.

Those people who don’t available the opportunity on mobile applications usually ends up in visit best real estate websites accordingly for their own requirement and choice of the property. The advantages of using mobile applications are far beyond the imagination. For instance if you are travelling lover and you want to locate the best property in India, you can easily browsed through your phone and get the listed update information pertaining your need.

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Here are some best mobile applications which will help you in finding real estate quite easily:

  1. Loop net – The application has been in closest to MLS for commercial real estate, it allows you to search for the greatest commercial properties listed for sales, including multifamily properties, restaurants, shopping malls, or more. This application is very useful for the commercial users who are searching for multifamily properties and commercial apartments.
  2. Digital Receipts by Proximiant – The main feature of this application is to take pictures of your receipts and from there you can email yourself expense reports, thus making it possible for you to have a paperless environment.
  3. Hammer point – This applications run on IOS application that allows you get the detail estimates for the repairing activity which you need to carry out. It allows you to create new project and the application will actually scan the project in detail get the items which need repairing, editing the work detail with its unique auto-filling description and offering you suggested costs of the repair. And the end of the day you can export and make pdf reports whenever required.
  4. Jot don scanner – It can convert your iPhone into a portable scanner and helps you to share your documents via email, Ever note, Drop Box, Google Drive and more. It always helps to scan your signed documents and you can easily send it to your client on email.
  5. The MLS Apps – The main features of this application is that map, which can be used wherever you wish to travel and can looking to the neighbor home which are listed on MLS. The next feature of this application is to see that sold properties while you are travelling around.
  6. Magic Plan – This mobile application has a lot of attractive feathers and functions to use, it allows you to take pictures of your floor plan and take pictures of your room from where ever you want to take.
  7. Bigger pockets – It has been introduced recently and contains a lot of updated information which is only available in I phone having IOS system, it’s only operational on Apple products. It allows you to engage Bigger Pockets forums, asking for reviews about the real estate anytime, anywhere.
  8. Google drive and Drop Box – As the number implies it helps you synchronize your documents if you working from the home also and helps you sharing your files while you want to review the files in office as well.
  9. Houzz Interior Design Ideas – This helps you to get ideas and inspirations of your property by browsing thousands of photos of the properties which are available on different websites.
  10. Card Munch -This application will actually help you take snap shots of your business cards and send them to your clients and the clients will send back to you in detailed contact lists.


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