5 Things to Consider Before Modifying Your Site Design

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Web redesigning is recommended by professional designers and developers. According to them, since it’s quite difficult to change everything on the website without redesigning the structure altogether, changes in technology and trends make redesign inevitable for all websites, whether good or bad. Ideally, a website should be modified or redesigned after every 5 years. Some people change it more frequently because of changes in taste, features that are no longer effective, or perhaps the website may not be ideal for the purpose. So, if you think your website has any of these things, better consult a web design company for redesigning. But before you go, don’t forget to do your homework, so that you can explain web design services what kind of changes you want, and where they should be implemented.

Modifying Your Site Design

Do you want to see your website more customer-friendly? Do you wish to increase accessibility? Are you concerned about poor ranking? There may be plenty of them, but consider the following things before going for a website redesign.

  1. Don’t change certain features without a good reason

Those who regularly visit your website may not like it changed too much. The main reason is that they are used to see things in this manner and they know where they kind find a particular product. But this wouldn’t prevent you from giving a new look to your website. Regular visitors would certainly like it if they find things much quicker than before. With these things in mind, you need to make sure you give them a convincing reason for design change. Here are some of those:

  • You might want to make your website more user-friendly. You can give them a better checkout option, place more images on homepage to reduce their time.
  • Another reason is, you may want to improve your website’s accessibility. You can make it search engine friendly so that more and more users can access.
  1. Changes in URL should be minimized

At times, web design company feels that your URL must be changed from a lousy one to more structured one. While this was suggested to optimize your website, you can avoid changing URL because you will loose the reputation established by the old webpage.

  1. Change site appearance via CSS file modification

If your website was developed on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) in order to manage its appearance. If you want minor changes in appearance, you can do so by modifying CSS file. You can make such changes easily and don’t have to change every page.

  1. Take help from a proper web editor

There are many web editors that can save your time and cost by managing changes. Two noteworthy website editors include Dreamweaver and Expression Web that offer maximum website management. But most free site editors don’t give access to advanced management systems. So, if you need limited changes, you can use free site editors.

  1. Don’t forget to create backup

It is highly important, because you might lose some or all your important data during redesigning. And if you see that the new design is not as effective as the old one, you can go back to the old website any time.

These tips are very simple to follow. If you are opting for redesign, you may want to consider these factors to make a better decision.


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