Browse Vivo V7+ Mobile – 24MP Selfie Camera, Clear Moment and Shot


Vivo is one of the most popular brands which have acquired quite a share in Asian market and its home country but western countries are still not aware of this name. Vivo manufactures Android phones and sells its smart phones in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia and it is very successful in India. The reason behind this huge success is the offline push. Offline push in countries like India plays a major role in increasing the sales of these phones because even after experiencing so much advancement and growth in rate of use of smart phones, people here would prefer to buy phones offline. People find it more authentic to buy smart phones offline or through the stores and that is why offline push has brought colossal success.

Vivo has been taking it to the next level when it comes to selling 4G phones in market and at stores. Vivo is offering a huge share from the overall sales to various retailers. This step of vivo has been cutting more margins to provide discount on the phone and in turn it is increasing the sales of this phone. Through this effort of vivo, the retailers can sell the phone at retail price and get higher profits than before. Vivo mobile phones price and features are enough to woo to smart phone users and it is worth that you take a moment and take a look at these phones. Vivo V7+ is latest and most important addition to the list of hottest and most wanted smart phones of 2017. Given below is the vivo V7+ review and you must take a look on this before you reach on a decision to buy a particular phone.

Vivo V7+ is available in gold and matte black color and it has a display of 5.99 inch with a resolution of 1440*720 megapixels. This phone runs on an operating system of Android nougat 7.1 and has a processor of Qualcomm snapdragon 450 octa core with the processor clock speed of 1.8 GHz. This phone comes with the RAM of 4 GB and internal storage 64 GB and it comes with the expandable memory 256 GB. This phone has a camera of 16 megapixels and secondary camera of 24 megapixels along with the various other features like ultra HD, time lapse, slow motion etc. The video recording resolution of this phone is 1920*1080 megapixels. This phone supports the 2G, 3G, 4G LTE networks which is the latest trending network in India these days. Vivo 4G mobile price list in India can be seen on various online sites like,, etc which will help you in making the best choice.


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