Guidelines for hiring the right SEO provider for your company


An SEO provider is an SEO company or individual who is an expert when it comes to Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a term used to address both Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Optimizers; where the latter is the SEO provider.

Search engine optimization is directly associated with search engine ranking where better the SEO strategies the better is your rank in the search engine’s index page.  Thus SEO is essential to make your site more visible on the search engine which is required to increase the traffic to your website.

SEO is nothing but an internet or online marketing strategy which closely watches the activities of a search engine like the terms and keywords people search for in the search engine.

SEO of website involves editing the content of the website by making it search engine friendly. This requires using the HTML code which is ideally preferred by most of the search engines.

Hiring an SEO provider or the web marketing experts is the most critical aspect as it is associated with search engine ranking

SEO is a very prominent activity that is important for gaining visibility and target to your website all of which is important for your business. Thus hiring an SEO service provider or SEO company is a tricky process that has to be carefully performed.

Basic checklist for hiring an SEO provider:

It is very important to ask the SEO provider the most basic but very vital questions and key aspects which include the following;

The approximate time required by them for you to see the desired results. Never hesitate to ask for their previous works along with references.  You can also contact other website owners and ask them to suggest an SEO provider they were satisfied with.  Ask the SEO provider the ROI that you can expect from their SEO service.

Always be aware of SE providers who use undesirable means of SEO strategies referred to as the Black hat SEO methods. Such methods though give you quick results but are short term in nature. Such methods can even get your site banned by the search engines.

It is very important to hire an SEO provider, the web marketing experts, who will build a strong foundation for your website based on proper SEO strategies that are good for your business. This involves extensive keyword and market research.  Never hire an SEO provider who neglects this research.

Look out for an SEO provider offering SEO strategies involving on-page SEO, improved citations, offering quality back links, aiding social sharing, etc.

Avoid SEO provider who will ask you for only three keywords and URL you want to secure a high rank for. Such providers neglect extensive research and are poor SEO providers.

Watch out for these pointers and strictly avoid them

Never hire an SEO provider who sends unsolicited Email in order to sell their SEO services to you. Really good SEO providers never rely on such spam for getting clients.

It the service provider fails to explain the methods and strategies it will employ then it may indicate that they follow Back hat SEO strategies. SEO providers who talk about scraper sites, doorway pages, hidden links; hidden texts, keyword stuffing, IP redirection, etc are to be strictly avoided. All these are black hat SEO tactics.

If a SEO provider talks about keywords in terms of quantity and not quantity then it is not the one for you. Stay away from those who offer you services by means of buying expired or live domains.

Hence, it is always important to choose the right web marketing experts who can help you achieve your goals without any hassles.


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