Is SEO for Internet Traffic or for Business?


One day I checked my website ranking and traffic, and I’m really happy by seeing lot of traffic to my site and top ranking on search engines like Google. After spending approx six months in doing hard work for Google, finally I got the ranking which every web master wish to have.

But after few minutes a question stuck in my mind that after being on top and driving lot of traffic, why my website not bringing business? Or what about the business, why none of that traffic is buying anything? And many more questions revolve in my mind and literally I become frustrated.

After lot of research and by consulting experienced web masters, I got my point and decided to share my views on- Is SEO Services for internet traffic or for business?

Basically it completely depends on us whether we want traffic or business from this amazing tool (SEO Services). We all know, it is a technique that helps to increase search engine visibility and many of us believe that if it increases page rank than automatically it improves our business. So the main target of several SEO firms is to improve your website ranking on search engines and for this they follow Google rules or algorithms and do various online activities that improves website’s ranking.

However, it is important to understand here that SEO for internet traffic and SEO for business are different things and require different efforts and activities as well.

We all know Google always update its algorithms and as a result various sites drop down or some instantly get high rank on it. If you talk to a SEO expert or Web master expert, they will advised you to always get updated with the Google’s algorithms that helps you to get high ranked.

There is no doubt in the fact that after doing work, your website will be on Google’s first page, just like mine. Well as a social marketer I know SEO is not all about to bring traffic, it is mainly to get business from website.

Let’s have a look on the activities which surely helps your site to drive more business for you and believe me it is not so difficult.

SEO is a whole game of “Keyword phrases” and “Unique Content”. If the SEO firm that you hired only capable to bring traffic to your website, than for sure they were not worked for keywords, probably they targeted wrong keywords that can’t bring business or simply they do not value what your business is offering? Always keep remember that selecting wrong keywords sometimes drive more traffic but never bring business.

Keywords are the key to success in SEO activities or to get high rank on Google because every keyword brings different market that is typed in Google. As a business owner, here it is not important to share that every business offer different things and those who offer same services or products, have different way to attract customers. There are lots of choices for every keyword to help you in deciding whether it is profitable for you or not. You can also use famous Google Adword tool to select most relevant keyword for your business.

Another major factor that can bring business is Content, the content you post on your website or blogs are the major attraction for the people who visit your site. So it is necessary that your content should be information and must be unique to build your brand and Reputation. Write fresh and interesting content that people love to read, but make sure it should be relevant to your business.

SEO can be a good idea only when done with complete knowledge and it can be best marketing money that you will ever spend.


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