Movavi video converter is the most cost effective AVI to MP4 converter

AVI to MP4 convertor

Hello tech freaks. Hope you are exploring new tech gadgets. Today I would update you about new software which is more than brilliant and once you use this software you would be speechless. Many of my friends and readers keep asking me questions about video converter such as MP4 converter, AVI converter etc.  Hence today I made up my mind to upraise you about a video converter which is just irresistible. My friends I am talking about Movavi Video converter for Windows. Many of you must have read about it or used it. But for those who haven’t used the same, I would like to tell you that this software is quoting at much lower price than its competitors and if you ask about the quality and standard, it is just flawless.

I am a big movie buff and a diehard fan of Quinton Tarantino and Martin Scorsese. I can watch movies like Goodfellas, Godfather series, Kill Bill and Gangs of New York 100 times. They are cult movies and I am fan of above mentioned filmmakers. I had a collection of more than 250 movies and I watched them turn by turn. Most of the movies were in old formats like AVI and other old formats. I am quite attached with my movie collection and I didn’t wanted to replace it and so I made up my mind to buy a video converter that would allow me to eat my cake as well as to have it too. I scanned through the internet and set my eyes rolling on to the different companies. Most of the software were quoting at a high price and although the price they were selling at was appropriate, but being a bargain hunter I wanted something at a negligible price which was quite tough to find. But I found Movavi video converter online within my price range.

I ordered the same and within 5 days it was in my hands. I opened the same quickly scanned the user manual that was very easy. Now I installed the software and started with my first movie which was The Departed in AVI format. I launched the software and selected the movie. There was an option of ‘Convert to’ list in which I had to select the format in which the conversion was required. I opted from AVI to MP4 format. Then the folder was to be selected in which the converted video was to be stored. Then just click the convert button and within few minutes you are done.  Since then I have converted nearly all the movies into the latest format.

I am very astonished to get such a brilliant product at these prices. My recommendation to all the movie buffs to buy this software and keep enjoying for favorite movies.


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