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SAP Certification—the importance of choosing the right exam based on your ability

SAP today is the base on which most enterprise applications are built. Almost every big organization in the world employs SAP for their organizational needs as it integrates various modules that are a pre-requisite for a business into a single unit and makes the operation easy and streamlined from a single platform.

Turning to a single location to obtain all the information pertaining to an organization, undoubtedly makes the entire process smoother and functional—SAP is the only software that allows this to be a reality.

SAP Certification—what is it about?

As SAP continues to improve and ease the operations of many organizations globally, more and more people choose to turn to SAP for a career. In order to do this, they have to understand the key foundation and concepts of this application.

There is an organization that performs assessments on judging a person’s ability and knowledge in this domain. This is the SAP AG. While anyone can understand and undergo SAP training, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they are adept at implementing or using this software in the right manner that suits an organization’s requirements.

SAP certifications allow employers to correctly gather information about a person’s capabilities in the specified modules. SAP certifications are provided after assessment that is highly demanding and actually performs a strict check on the candidate’s actual understanding of SAP.

As this is performed by the parent organization directly, it holds great value and anyone who possesses the appropriate SAP certification has a greater chance at landing the job than someone who doesn’t. SAP certifications are held at various levels and gaining higher credentials is essential to a career in this domain.

Choosing the right certification for your ability—key to cracking the exam

The SAP training certification examinations are not easy to crack, and require hours of research and practice to master. SAP solutions are not easy to understand or implement, unless you have undergone proper training in this field.

SAP certification programs come under three levels—Associate, Professional and Master. Depending on whether you are a novice in this field or a seasoned expert in SAP, you can opt to attempt any of these levels.

However, you should remember that all three levels involve research and good knowledge to crack. If you are a novice, who only possesses textbook knowledge of SAP concepts and are yet to enter the domain in a full-fledged manner, you should consider the Associate Level as your starting point.

If you have sufficient knowledge of SAP already, you can directly attempt the SAP professional certification level. It is not necessary to first attempt the associate level before moving on to the Professional Certification, however it is important to remember that anyone who is attempting the Professional certification is expected to have sufficient knowledge to clear the Associate level. These are not mutually exclusive. The Master SAP certification Level is for experts who have expertise in a particular module of SAP, and this certification is still in the works.

Choosing the right certification level after analyzing your skills, betters your chances at cracking the exam and passing it successfully. A look at the syllabus and a few practice papers should effectively help you determine whether you are prepared for it. SAP exams are challenging, which is why it is of huge value. Before you attempt it, ensure that you have the time and resources to prepare well for the exam. If you are not sure of where to start, consider a SAP training program to help you in this direction—your efforts in the right direction will go a long way in determining your success in it.


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