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SEO is No More Limited to Just OFF Page Optimization

Those days are gone when off page optimization is sufficient to bring your website on top pages of search engines. Today SEO is no more limited to just off page optimization. Off page optimization is basically an activity of SEO that is done outside of your website to create more and more links for website which in result increase traffic and hence increase ranking of the site. Traditionally it was citations on other blogs links from another website and Google looks at all of that to help determine how authoritative or how popular your page is. The number of links and their quality pointing to your website lead to more authority and more popularity which then increase site’s rankings.

There are several ways of off page optimization including link building, forum posting, article submission, bookmarking, directory submission, classified posting and so on. But without proper on page optimization there is no use of submitting your site’s link on thousands of directory’s sites. Technically SEO is lot more or everything behind the scenes. It’s everything invisible for you on the browser such as the source code behind the page, and how search engines bots are able to access different pages of your website.

SEO services are the combination of several activities that will help your site to rank on the first page of search engines like Google. It’s a well known fact that no one go on next pages of Google unless you cannot find what you are looking for on the first page of it. SEO is the science and art where professional webmasters constantly tries to figure out the Google’s complicated algorithms or the criteria that Google use to rank websites on search pages.

Search Engine Optimization is all about getting high ranking on search engine as well as business from websites too. According to the recent statistics off page optimization is not just only enough to get business from the site. In case you just let the optimizer to do off page techniques like link building in order to improve your site’s traffic and rankings, then might be your site will rank good on search engines but then what? Is it limited to that only? Yes off page optimization will only help your site in improving its ranking but you cannot expect about how many visitors will be converted into real consumers. SEO India Company is offering SEO services then any SEO company in UK or US

In this situation on page optimization will help you. On page SEO is everything you can see on your browser, precisely it’s on your page, nothing is hidden in any other place. It basically comprise of content on your page and keywords in the content. Title tag, HTML tag, heading tags and alt tags of images all comes in on page SEO. Your customers can directly see your efforts and even search engine has a reason to give credit on whatever content there in on your site beneficial for relevant search. There is no threat of being penalized in the on page optimization and also beneficial for your users.

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