SEO- Search engine Optimization


Before going into detail study let’s discuss some basic points and questions in your mind which will help you to understand more easily on SEO. Given below are some basic questions which first come to your mind. Let’s go through them one by one.

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization in short is known as SEO. Search engine optimization (SEO) is an internet marketing technique to rank or optimize your website on first page in search engines, when you searching for any “keyword”.


Optimize means working on your website to maintain your website in first page of search engine search result pages.

Page Rank-

Page Rank is the Rank given by Google (Search engine) on basis of performance in terms of back links, visits, alexa rank and many other factors

Example- Page rank range from 1 – 10

Page rank decides how good the site is. The page rank is high means site is good.


Keyword is the word which you are looking to search on search engines. Keyword is an internet term.

Example-you want to search for “SEO training course”. So “SEO training course” is a Keyword in terms of internet searches.

Search Engines-

Search engines are internet available source site with help of which you can search any topic in form of text, images, videos, animated images etc…

Example-Google (Biggest search engine of world), Yahoo, Bing etc…

What are the types of SEO?

SEO is mainly categorized in two types-

  1. On Page SEO
  2. Off Page SEO

On Page SEO-

On Page SEO as name suggest is the SEO you do on site that means working on your website for Optimization. It is the technique or process to optimize the content of your website. There are different types work you can do under On Page SEO – like Meta title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords, Meta Tags, placement of keywords, Alt tag, heading (h1, h2, h3, h4), Interlinks etc…

The more your On Page SEO is good the less you have to work on Off Page SEO.

Don’t worry if you don’t know all these things, I will give you detail explain for all this with practical knowledge.

Off Page SEO-

Off Page SEO is SEO you do offline which means working outside your websites. This is the other very important type of SEO which help your website to make reputation and support on page SEO. I will explain you with example-

When somebody launches some product lets suppose beauty product ,then the first thing to make people aware that product is launched they do marketing by lunching , give advertisement in T.V, newspaper, Magazines etc..

The same work is done on internet when you want your website to be known by others and you want good visitors and traffic to your website .You do off page with mostly Backlinks and link building. Backlinks are the links which comes from other site to your website.

Some Off Page SEO you can do-Press releases, Bookmarking, Web2.0 sites, Education sites, Article directories, promoting on social media websites etc…


What is the need of SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is technique with help of which you optimize your website as I said earlier. Optimize means to rank your Website in first page. When you search some keyword on search engine (Google) you find that there are too many results and pages related to you keyword.

Now suppose you make a website and launch it. After some time you see that your website page position is 90, 100, 200 or so on. That means if someone search for the keyword on the topic of which you created your website is in 90th page, so imagine who will go to that page. And if nobody is going to that page how you will get the visitors and traffic to your website.

So at this point SEO is the only thing you can do to your website to shift the position from 90th to 1st page. Now imagine your website is in first page with help of SEO, so how much traffic and visitors you will get. Because you generally search first or second or at most third page so the possibility of getting highest visitors is first page.

What is the relation between SEO and Search engine?

“A website without search engine (Google) is like Book without indexing”. Confused what I am saying don’t be, I will tell you what I mean by that. Before going into explanation of above line first discuss how a search engine works.

How a search engine works?

Search engine works as library containing lots of books. You might have noticed that when you go to library and search some particular book in thousands of books, you find it very easy when they are searchable with help of indexing and labelling. Indexing is done to maintain all books and records in proper way for search.

Search engine also works same way a library do. We can say that a search engine is like a library indexing and records all websites and pages in its online database. So whenever you search some (keyword/topic) and ask search engine for results, then search engine check all its records in its indexed database and give you with filter results that means related results to your keywords.

So a search engine index all pages and website under its online database except some exceptional conditions that does not goes with the search engine (rules/algorithms).

How indexing is done from search engine?

Search engine have an automated robot/spider/crawler. A robot is automated virtual machine or program which checks every new post/page or website when they are launched or published.

Checking of every new post/page or website is known as “crawling”. A search engine crawls every new post/page time to time ,so it always search for new one for indexing and if pages/post are following the search engine rules/algorithm then they are indexed.


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