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SEO tips for removing unnatural links

For over the previous couple of months, unusual linking topics have been initiating chaos amongst the SEO communal. With Google directing out lot after lot of unnatural links notifications to many web-masters and Exploration Engine Optimization specialists, via Google Web-master Tools, now, it has develop an essential SEO task to be aware of the presence of unusual links and be ready for removing unnatural links from your website.

As unnatural links are mock links directing to your site that use methods outside Google’s Web-master Strategies such as paid linking, doing link spams, comment spam which is mostly intended to influence a page’s ranking, here are several SEO TIPS for removing unnatural links if you do not want to be punished.

  1. Get info of all your In Bound Links

Make a list of all of your in-bound links. You could use some dependable SEO Tools suggested by most specialized SEOs like Ahrefs Site Explorer, Majestic SEO or Open Site Explorer to collect all your back links and list them to an Excel file.

  1. Assess your Backlinks

Manually assess each of the websites to decide just how harmful or unnatural the links are. Although there is no precise formula defining how terrible a link really is, here are several red flags to stare out for:

With Poor Content

Identical content

No contact info

Having links to adult sites or casino.

Links that are inserted into the contented with no worth to your audience

  1. Remove Only that You Need

Factoring in these red flags, this is really significant to categorize the web links based on how problematic it is for removing unnatural links and how damaging they are. This would offer you a priority of which links you require to tackle first. Categorize the links from higher to lower. Target the top 5-10 links each month that you would try to remove. This is as Google is unclear about what precise links they declare as unnatural, so eliminating hundreds of links all together could end up affecting you more damage than good.

  1. Send an E-mail to Web-masters

To make it at ease for you to send an e-mail to webmasters, is suggested to create a pattern e-mail giving them particulars like who you are, the link you desire to be eliminated from the site, and where your link is located. Then make a follow-up every four days or so if you do not receive any answer from them.

Internet websites are like gardens that you have to infinitely build up and remove the weeds that are just like junk hyperlinks that obstruct the website. So that you could have the capability to keep up the website very healthy, removing unnatural links each time they are accessible sideways so they would not increase any more.

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