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The Best Tool For The Indian House Hunter

Did you just inherit a home that you are looking to unload on the open market, or maybe perhaps you are looking to buy a home for whatever reason? Most people would waste their time going through a real estate agent. Most people would waste their time making in person visits to every home they thought that they might be interested in. Well, if you want to cut through all the red tape then you need to check out this great Housing android app to find your dream home in India.


Finding A Local Agent

If you need to find an agent in India that will help you find a house to rent or to buy, you definitely out to download the app. While most home seekers like to do their own shopping for housing there are some people that rather do it through an agent. This program will give you a wide array of local agents in any specific city in India. All you need to do is open up the app and select a city, then click on the menu button. Scroll down to the “find an agent” feature and click on it and you will see your results in less than a second. If you click on one of the agents, you will see a summary page that tells you everything that you will need to know about them. You can even contact them through the app, which will be so much easier than having to pick up the phone to call them.


Property Type Search

The menu has several different property types that you can use to narrow your search down. These features allow you to search through the thousands of property listings that only apply to your selection. This will reduce the time that it would normally take to search through home that will not fit into that category. From hostels to for sale properties, you will find everything that you need to know about each listing. This is a great way to compare shop on rates, fees, deposit amounts, and total sale prices, without having to contact a realtor or landlord. There is no easier or faster way to find property in India than by using the app. You can also request notifications as soon as a new property is listed in your search area. This will prevent you from having to revisit the app to manually check for new listings.



This application has so many different features that are available to you. You will be able to specify your search to find whatever you are looking for. You can narrow your search down to the area, or the price that you need to stay in. You will also be able to see up to date photos of whatever house you are interested in. You will also be allowed room-to-room view. And, if you have a home for sale you will able to post the same photos so everyone else can see what a great home you have to offer.


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