Understanding Keyword Research using Mobile Action ASO Guide


Mobile Action and ASO

App store optimization is the process of improving all of a mobile app’s elements in order to improve its ranking, discoverability or overall visibility within the different app stores where it is placed. The aim of creating an app is to get as many downloads as possible, and that only happens if your app is being seen, not just by anyone, but by your target audience.

Mobile Action has been in the business of offering full-service app store optimization products and solutions to a hungry market. It is based on decades of collective experience from its founder Aykut Karaalioglu, enabled by an efficient team of marketers and app strategists.

Together, they are responsible for creating an all-inclusive online dashboard using all aspects of your ASO campaign that can be monitored especially if you are a non-marketer mobile developer or business owner. To fortify your understanding and utilization of this product, they write a comprehensive guide, so you can literally learn ASO without additional input from another source.


Mobile Action’s ASO Guide on Keyword Optimization

While the Guide covers all areas of ASO, by far, keyword research, analysis and optimization is the next most important marketing strategy, once the app’s development and functionality is taken care of.

This process begins with identifying which keywords are best for you to track. As you learn ASO with this guide, your primary goal is to identify which keywords are relevant for your app. How is this done? Well, keyword research is about learning your users and how they are likely to search for your app.

User analysis, as explained in the app, is about understanding the who, what and where of your audience – who they are, what they look for and where they are (this is mostly relevant for geo-specific apps).  There are three main ways to get this information:

  • Leveraging your app description – begin by examining your pitch. How would you describe your app? What need are you trying to meet? Use your app’s language to define it. Your description field should be used to attract users to the app by explaining its best features. It should be written persuasively, with artfully selected, but truthful words.
  • Analyzing your competitor’s keywords – find out which keywords competitors ranking higher than you use. Which ones are common? Which attract the highest traffic? What have they been up to lately? This gives you a great starting point to build your own strategy; don’t look to mimic them, however.
  • Social media, ratings and user review analysis – effective ASO is about in-depth understanding of your target audience, including which keywords they are currently using to find similar apps. Reviews and social media are the best places to see how your target audience describes the need which your app fulfills. Use them as more than a networking platform.

For more information on keyword research and other aspects of ASO, get your own dopy of the e-book. You should also visit the Mobile Action blog to learn how you can leverage the latest trends and information on ASO to improve your performance over the long run.


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