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Upping Your Appeal: 4 Techniques You Can Use to Increase Your Online Exposure

Website design is difficult to maintain for many reasons, but it’s mostly because advertising and online presence are hard to maintain. The various difficulties in planning and marketing often slow the progress of your popularity. However, there are reasons why you may have been having trouble getting the attention you need to survive online. They range from content presentation, how you advertise, and maybe even how you interact with different folks online. Here’s how you can help business get a little more exposure.

  1. Use PPC with Google. SEO has changed in many ways. First off, keywords are being used less and less because of the Google Glass and Android’s voice recognition software. As it stands, full sentences and terms are picking up traction. When you set up a Google AdSense and keyword account, you also have the chance to set up your pay per click rate. The aim of the game here is to convert as many people as you can while getting as much awareness as possible. It would also be a wise idea to set a budget.
  2. Make videos on YouTube. Another efficient way to get exposure is to become a YouTube partner and then start making ads of your own. A lot of companies choose to make videos that take a little longer than 3 minutes. A more effective means to keep attention is to keep your ads short. People won’t be able to click through them, and you’ll still get the exposure you need. However, make sure to keep them short and to the point. Also, don’t forget to keep the fun and bubbly.
  1. Consider a re-target when you’re flailing. Sometimes, your first target plans don’t work out. Sometimes also, you can’t help but lose the interest of your audience. However, that may be because you’ve targeted the wrong target audience. Sometimes all you need to do is to re-test your web page earnestly. Make sure to A/B testing and heat maps should tell you where users linger on your page and which pages they click through. Use Google and Facebook insights to produce smart reports about each of your pages. After that, it will just be a matter of finding the right target again.
  1. Remember, Content is King. Content is more important than your marketing plan especially considering website design in Birmingham. So, when you invest in your marketing strategy, the next step is to put more money towards your content creators. Hire professional video makers then get writers to work on your ad spots and the content of your pages as well. Lastly, make sure to research on the difference between long form posts and quick and informative spots.

Now that you know a few more things about marketing and content, it’s now your turn to get things done. Make sure to set your budget because these things can get expensive if you let it get out of hand. That should help you get your website design in Birmingham off the ground fast.

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